New paper about study of face processing in developmental prosopagnosia on oxytocin

The paper is open access, so you don’t need to pay to read the whole thing. Is “face processing” the same thing as “face memory” or “face recognition”? When I’ve got more time I’ll have a good look at this study and see. I have noted that this is a quite small study (10 DPs, 10 controls), so let’s not get too excited about the findings.

Two bits of interesting information about the Cambridge Face Memory Test can be found within this paper.  The authors advise that some people with developmental prosopagnosia can achieve a normal score on the CFMT by using “effective compensatory strategies”. I’m curious about how that is done, because I thought the CFMT was pretty much cheat proof. It is also revealed that two new versions of the CFMT were created for this study.

I plan to write more about this paper but right now my garden requires attention. And after that the turquoise coastline lined with fine white sand near where we live will require attention.

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  • barbellwhisperer  On February 9, 2014 at 6:18 am

    Good to see that you’ve noticed it. It’s my supervisor’s paper. CFMT is not quite cheat proof, you can recognize people quite reliaby by their eyebrows if you’re quick enough to figure it out.

  • C. Wright  On February 9, 2014 at 11:51 am

    Eyebrows! Yes, they are quite distinctive and easy to pick out visually quickly. That strategy wouldn’t be as effective in real life situations I would have thought, as there will be people with similar eyebrows in a larger pool of people to recognize.

    I look at the personality in the faces, so the idea of cheating with eyebrow matching hadn’t occurred to me.

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