Monthly Archives: November 2012

My test scores for a group of face-related tests

I have had a go at the “Fear, Anger, and Joy” test from the Vision Lab at Harvard University and my results were 54 out of 56 (average 45.21), 54 out of 56 (average 49.31) and 46 out of 56 (average 44.08). Find the test here

Can’t stop thinking about food

I am still adding examples to my blog post which is a collection of records of my lexical-gustatory synaesthesia. I keep noticing more examples of this phenomenon in everyday life. This type of synaesthesia and also other types such as grapheme-colour synaesthesia are definitely records or memories of my life as a young child. I know this because so many of the food experiences evoked by this phenomenon are foods that I was familiar with as a child but have rarely eaten as an adult; foods such as party franks, kidney, ricecream, salmon mornay and barley sugar lollies.

A bit of a mind-f***

There I was in that suburb, and I needed to make a purchase at that particular retail outlet, and again I was served by that nice sales assistant who is the double of my dear sibling, and I once again found the facial similaritiy quite unnerving, and once again the oddness of the experience rather took me by surprise.

I haven’t forgotten

I still hope to find the time to write my comments on the most interesting article in New Scientist magazine about super-recognition. I haven’t forgotten, just too damn busy. 

Was ist das?

Schimmel, Angelika Dr. Holger Wiese aus Jena untersucht Phänomene der Gesichtserkennung. 7th October 2012.