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You thought I was obsessive about documenting my synaesthesia….

What a strange and fascinating thing is James Wannerton’s personal map of his synaesthesia associations between stops in the London Underground railway network and evoked tastes. Lexical-gustatory synaesthete James Wannerton has been a leading figure in promoting a public understanding of synaesthesia for many years now. He even has a Wikipedia page. I hope to be able to find spare time to share my thoughts and observations about this interesting document, but don’t bet on it. Thanks for sharing, Mr Wannerton.

What do London Underground stops taste like? by Ben Riley-Smith Telegraph. August 23rd 2013.

The taste of the tube. BBC World Service Radio.

Wikipedia contributors, “James Wannerton,”  Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, (accessed August 24, 2013).

In my opinion as a super-recognizer…

The photos featured in this article of William Wilcox and George Cassidy are not the same person. Wilcox looks considerably older, slimmer and sharper than Cassidy to my eye, and their ears do not match.

It’s just air and plastic

It’s just air and plastic but it’s creepy all the same. This one is trying to eat the children. Air dancers or wavers wouldn’t be so uncanny and so visually attention-grabbing and so effective as promotional aids if they didn’t exploit the tendency of the human mind to personify or animate objects, especially very large moving and dramatically lurching objects.

Waver or Air Dancer

Red Air Dancer

air ancer or waver

Red Air Dancer