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Does her face look familiar? Adopted Australian woman still searching for birth parents after 39 years

“This is my face, and I hope to find a face that looks like mine one day…” 

Kim Menta says she has been looking for her birth mother for 39 years. ABC News. October 25 2012.

Victoria apologises for forced adoptions. ABC News. October 25 2012.

Ha ha ha ha!!!

Check out Tracy Chou’s answer. Very amusing.

Who are some of the best doppelgängers in the world?

Is there an Australian face?

I think there is something very Australian about the face of the former footy player and Australian celebrity of the 1980s, Mark “Jacko” Jackson. While Mr Jackson’s very manly jawline makes me wonder about growth hormone levels, his face also has some characteristics which I tend to associate with working-class Australians who are a bit aesthetically-challenged in the facial region. Maybe it is just an odd idea of mine, but I feel that if I were in a foreign country populated with people of generally the same caucasian race as Australians, and I saw a cheerful face in the crowd that has thin lips, a clumsily large but not hooked nose, and eyes that are the opposite of big and pretty and seem to be obscured by fleshy lids, while not being Asian eyes, I think I’d feel that I was looking at another Australian, more likely from one of the eastern states than from WA. Many of the first European people to establish a British colony in Australia were convicts. If there is indeed a generic Australian face, discernable from a generic English face or a generic American face, I doubt that it is a pretty face, but I feel that it might be a friendly face.

I’m an Individual by Mark Jackson