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This study came out in March

Ramon, M., Miellet, S., Dzieciol, A. M., Konrad, B. N., Dresler, M., & Caldara, R. (2016). Super-Memorizers Are Not Super-Recognizers. PloS one, 11(3), e0150972. Published: March 23, 2016.


This study has been published for a good while but I’ve just stumbled across it. It does not appear to be a study of super-recognizers, but makes reference to the concept of super-recognition in the title. I suspect that their might be some incorrect assumptions in the premise of this study, as one cannot compare natural face recognition or natural face memory with the kinds of mnemonic tricks used by competitors in memory championships, and you also cannot compare the tasks, which are actually quite different and utilise different abilities. I’ve seen the face-related tasks in such competions, and I’ve also read books by memory champs and stage memory performers about how to perform these tricks, and it isn’t natural face recognition. Anyway, I should limit my comments until I get a chance to read the study in full, which might never happen.


Tammet edited out

This is just a short note to let my readers know that I have edited my first ever post in this blog to remove references to the famous writer of biographies, celebrity savant, language genius and neurological curiousity Daniel Tammet. I had been comparing my own unsual experience with The Strange Phenomenon and synaesthesia and other characteristics with Mr Tammet’s documented characteristics, not least because he and I are both synaesthetes and apparently in possession of some unusual abilities, but after doing some reading of the book Moonwalking With Einstein by Joshua Foer and related online dicussions, I have come to the conclusion that I don’t trust any aspect of the Tammet legend, regardless of what some researchers might claim. There are just so many different aspects of his own story that have been called into question, by so many different people, that I have a strong feeling that something just isn’t right, so it’s adios, auf Wiedersehen, gxis revido, au revoir and hasta la vista baby to Mr Daniel Tammet!

For me one of the most intriguing areas of inconsistency in the many reports about Daniel Tammet (born Daniel Corney) are the conflicting reports about his ability to recognize faces, with one British researcher identifying Tammet as impaired in this respect, but two old reports in tabloid British newspapers which appear to have been based on the same sensationalist press release claiming that Tammet never forgets a face! To add to the mystery, Tammet was once a competitior in the World Memory Championships in London, and apparently did extremely well in a memory competition that involves putting names to faces. Commonsense tells me that one can easily simulate having a disability when tested, but performing at a superior level is not such an easy thing to pretend to do.

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