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Moist music and watery art

When I listen to the bass in this piece of music, the Doo Bop Song by Miles Davis, it evokes a soothing feeling of coolness like swimming (this is for me literally cool jazz). For this reason this CD gets most use at the end of hard and hot summer’s days. This special piece of music also evokes the image and the concept of a body of water that has regular undulations or small waves in it, something like the effect that you might see in one of those many paintings of swimming pools that David Hockney was famous for. The Dutch Symbolist/Impressionist painter Piet Mondrian also created a number of paintings (his “Ocean” paintings) which visually depict the type of regular rhythmic waves that I experience when I listen to this music. David Hockney is a synaesthete, there is some evidence that Mondrian might have also been a synaesthete and I have read that Miles Davis explored the concept of synesthesia in his music. Coincidence?

The Doo Bop Song by Miles Davis


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