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A Face to Avoid (on aesthetic grounds at least)

I had known for a long time that the murderer with some type of personality disorder had the same surname as a man who I will refer to as “Mr Train-smash”, a perplexing person who I used to know many years ago. I have also known for a long time that there is a genetic link and a definite family resemblance between Mr Train-smash and Mr Vile. I’m not the only person who thinks Mr Vile is vile. A great many people share my opinion. We have good reasons.

I knew about the shared surname but there was nothing else that I knew of to link these three strange men, so that’s the last I thought of it. Then I was reading the paper and saw a photo of the killer, with his flat cheeks, fairly long face, his underbite and his unattractive eyes, with not just bags under them, but wrinkly pouches under them that look odd in a young man, and something about his eyes that makes one think of Down syndrome. All three men have these features. At least it is some consolation that Mr Murderer won’t be fathering any kids. I don’t think they allow that type of thing in maximum security.