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Poor Kenny

If you have ever doubted that simply looking at faces can be used to identify genetic disorders, consider case of Kenny the (very inbred) white tiger. Even though he is an entirely different species than us, we can tell just by looking at his face that something is seriously amiss. http://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/kenny-white-tiger-reveals-price-inbreeding

The “Bloody Mary Illusion” from New Scientist

http://youtu.be/cpF6CgxvvUo    Have you tried it? What did you “see”?

The Bloody Mary Illusion seems to be in some ways similar to another face perception illusion that was evoked by a video which I wrote about at this blog quite a while ago. Here’s links to some versions of the Ugly Face Illusion or the Flashed Face Distortion Effect from New Scientist:  http://youtu.be/o1gtxAIXoiY   http://youtu.be/o1gtxAIXoiY  and here’s another YouTube video not from another source:  http://youtu.be/WMTv4Cpj_8k

I wonder, do some people experience face perception distortion illusions more readily or quickly than others? Could this possibly explain why some people, including some of the people on the autistic spectrum, appear to avoid eye contact? I also wonder whether there is any relationship between face memory or face recognition ability, or facial expression reading ability and a person’s potential to experience face perception illusions. There you go academics! There’s some more ideas of mine to steal. Don’t thank me! (I’m sure the thought wouldn’t enter your heads anyway).

I’m not sure how these facial perception illusions work, but I suspect that they work on a similar principle to an auditory illusion that I’ve read about and heard, in which muted, ambiguous or perceptually confusing stimuli provoke the brain into interpreting the sounds as words. This sound illusion was apparently discovered by Diana Deutsch, a professor of psychology who studies interesting stuff like the psychology f music and perfect pitch ability. Her Phantom Words illusion can be found here: http://philomel.com/phantom_words/example_phantom_words.php

Just for fun, here’s a link to Jamie Frater’s Top 10 Incredible Sound Illusions:  http://listverse.com/2008/02/29/top-10-incredible-sound-illusions/

Bizarre face perception distortion effect discovered

When I viewed this video I fund that when I kept my eyes to the centre as directed I saw with my peripheral vision grotesquely distorted faces on both sides right from the beginning, an effect that disappeared if I looked squarely at faces at one side or the other. The faces often looked piggish with noticeable nostrils, alien-like with egg-head foreheads or bug-eyed. I’m quite surprised at how fast this effect set in for me. i think other viewers reported varying effects. What do you see when you view the video?

Flashed Face Distortion Effect: Ugly Optical Illusion
Lambert Varias
July 10th 2011

It isn’t true ….

No, I don’t have a face like a bashed crab, or a face like an unmade bed, or a face like a robber’s dog, or a face like a frog in a stocking, or a face like a dropped pie, or a face like a building site, or a face that looks like the north end of a south-bound mule, or a face that looks like it has been set on fire and then put out with a bike chain, but I can’t say the same for some of the owners of faces that I saw last year, when I was having a go at some face recognition tests. How could I ever forget a face that looks like that?