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Still photos may not be the same as moving images (or in-person viewing) for face and person recognition

Police super-recognizer Idris Bada quoted:

“I’ve seen a blurry image in infrared  and I knew who it was straight away,” he says. “The size of his head, his  posture, the way he walks. We all have our signature moves. That’s when the  memory banks click in.”


Storr, Will Human image banks: meet the Met’s ‘Super recognisers’. Telegraph. March 26th 2013.


Super-recognition researcher Josh P. Davis quoted:

“Writing in an upcoming issue of Psychologist, the scientists say super recognizers may be extra efficient at extracting information about a face, especially if viewed in action. Davis says that previous studies have shown that people can extract more information about a face if it’s moving, as opposed to looking at a still image. But he says the police officer super recognizers seem to have a disproportionate advantage over others for gleaning information about faces as they scan video images or watch people in motion.”


Gaidos, Susan Familiar faces. Science News.  Web edition August 23rd 2013, Print edition September 7th 2013. Volume 184 Number 5 p.16. http://www.sciencenews.org/view/feature/id/352687/description/Familiar_faces