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Thoughts sometimes turn to food with synaesthesia

Whenever I see the colours chocolate brown and forest green together, in any context, that makes me think of the taste and mouth-feel of chocolate with mint brittle or mint cracknel, as exemplified by the Peppermint Crisp bar:


Whenever I see the colours forest green and white together, in any context, I think of Kool Mints which I believe were produced in those colours when I was a child. I can even get this effect through grapheme-colour synaesthesia triggered by numbers. For example, the street number of a house that I once lived in evokes the concept of Kool Mints.

Whenever is see one of those cute, rounded, new but retro-styled cars with perfect glossy paint in a brownish tint, it makes me think of flavoured rice-cream or some other flavoured milky desert in the applicable flavour for the colour, such as caramel ricecream, coffee cream desert, chocolate ricecream etc.


On the odd occasion when I’m near a helicopter and hear its engine at close range, or hear one operating under a load, that sound makes me think of the uniquely wonderful smell of a steak and onion pie.


Synaesthesia, right?

Dizzee Rascal is cheerfully addicted to “big, dirty stinkin’ bass”. So, would that be a bad smell? I’m sure it wouldn’t be a floral smell, or a light-coloured one either.

Bassline Junkie by Dizzee Rascal – BE WARNED, THIS CLIP CONTAINS BAD LANGUAGE http://youtu.be/0sNb3Mh1ABg

Catherine de Lange wrote last year in New Scientist that red is sweet, crisps are crisper when they make a lot of sound and cheese tastes sharper after one is visually “primed” with pointy shapes. So, does that mean that everyone is a synaesthete?


It looks like we’re all synaesthetes when it comes to food

This interesting recent article at Smithsonian.com discusses some studies in the area of cross-modal associations between the senses of sound and taste.

Smith, Peter What does sweetness sound like? Smithsonian.com April 5th 2012. http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/food/2012/04/what-does-sweetness-sound-like/