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A beautiful mauve and lilac-coloured song

Singer Lorde discusses her music-colour synaesthesia with Australian 60 Minutes

EXTRA MINUTES | How Synaesthesia helped Lorde write the hit song ‘Green Light’


Pop singer Alessia Cara describes her synaesthesia experiences on The Project

Alessia Cara. The Project. Ten Network. February 27th 2017.




A Forest by The Cure

This is one of those tunes that I would listen to over and over again when I was a pale youth, many years ago. I think it is a particularly memorable song because it evokes such a strong sense of place. Can’t you almost smell the pine trees? This is surely a dark-coloured piece of music.

A sense of place seems to have a central role in the way that my brain works, and it is also a source of happiness and transcendence for me.

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