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But is it really Gina?

I’m well aware that weight loss, ageing and remodelled or drawn-on eyebrows can mess up our natural face recognition abilities, but even though, I’m not 100% convinced the lady in the photos is really the Australian mining magnate Gina Rinehart. I feel that the lady in the photo has quite a different personality than Rinehart, kinder but perhaps not as canny.

If this lady is the real Gina, I’m sure she’s had work done on her face, and in my opinion, her unique personality can no longer be seen in her face. I hate watching the fascinating faces of famous women all morph into that homogenous face of the older woman who has had her face done over.

Mining magnate Gina Rinehart shows off amazing weight loss. Daily Telegraph. July 1 2016.



Science magazine article about new “sparse representation” technique in facial-recognition software

This brief article is fully available free online, (which is great), so there’s no point me going over it as you can read it if you wish. This new technique in face recognition technology is different to the existing techniques that are based on the face as a whole. How these man-made technologies compare to natural human face recognition I’m not sure. I wonder whether the human brain actually uses a number of different approaches to face recognition?

Software could spot face-changing criminals by Jacob Aron New Scientist Issue 2847 18 January 2012 p. 18-19.