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Not holding my breath waiting for driverless cars

“Reliably recognising what mental states are encoded in facial expressions or bodily movements is way beyond even cutting-edge tech.”

Want to reliably recognize and interpret these visual stimuli? You need a person, or a normally-functioning human brain, that’s what you need.

Ong, Sandy Give your car a conscience: Why driverless cars need morals. New Scientist. January 7th 2017.

If this is some kind of test…..

…I honestly don’t see how anyone could fail it. Seriously?


Is seeing believing? A documentary worth catching on SBS2 tonight

If you have an interest in the psychology of sensory perception and you live in Western Australia it still isn’t too late to watch the repeat of the British documentary Is Seeing Believing? which is scheduled for broadcast for 7.30pm on SBS2.