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Two very interesting articles about the Metropolitan Police and face recognition

Eagle-Eye of the Yard can spot rioters by their ears
by Jack Grimston
Sunday Times, The, 20.11.2011, p12,13-12,13, 1; Language: EN
Section: News Edition: 01
EBSCOhost Accession number 7EH53940939

This newspaper article from last month is is behind a paywall, so if you don’t have a subscription to this British newspaper, and you do have access to the EBSCOhost online media article service through a public or academic library, you could try logging on to it and in the search box type in “AN 7EH53940939”.

There is much fascinating information in this article about an elite squad of super-recognizers working in London’s Metropolitan Police force to identify faces in CCTV recordings of the England riots. Face recognition technology gets a surprisingly poor review in this article.

Face recognition technology fails to find UK rioters
by Niall Firth
New Scientist
18 August 2011
Magazine issue 2826 August 20th 2011 page 19.

Super-recognizers are not mentioned in this earlier article about the Metropolitan Police identifying faces in CCTV recordings of the England riots, which focuses instead on the limitations and development of face recognition technology.