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Unusual experiences that perhaps do not have proper names

Wakewisdom – If you wake up “feeling” a particular opinion about some question or matter in your life, do consider it very seriously, because it is a message from your unconscious mind which is more coldly objective than one’s daytime mind, which has a dangerous bias towards optimism and self-delusion. The one single thought sitting inside your head when you wake up is well worth noting, should you wake with one.

Midmorningkeynote – Whatever one is thinking, feeling, experiencing, doing or listening to at 10 o’clock in the morning sets the tone for the whole day, and might reverberate through one’s thoughts at later times of the day. Music enjoyed at this time of day could develop into an earworm.

Drowsyloudness – Do sounds suddenly sound louder and somehow closer or interior when you feel tired, drowsy or are half-asleep? Does a sense of the timing of sounds disappear, making sounds seem somehow isolated or freed in time? Does it feel as though some barrier between you and sounds around you fails when you are sleepy? No? That’s a pity, because it can be quite a trippy thing if you choose to listen to an epic piece of music while half asleep, and there’s no need to dabble in dangerous and expensive drugs. Might I suggest listening to “A Canyon” by Philip Glass when you are half-way to the land of nod? Thank me later.

Necksqueak – Being able to hear the sounds of the internal workings of one’s body, like the squeak of tendons rubbing when I move my neck, or the sound of blood pulsing through small blood vessels inside ears, is a bad thing for me, because for me it means a bad headache is on the way.

Sightbliss – I suspect that this one is also associated with headaches. It doesn’t happen often. Hard to describe and subtle. Yesterday I experienced a brief moment of it (and it is typically an effect that lasts only moments) while we were walking back from the beach just after sunset. I had a bit of a headache at the time, but not severe. The trigger seems to be an abrupt decrease in outdoor light levels, as typically happens after sunset, and could possibly be triggered by the addition of cloud-cover. I can’t point to any way in which the eyesight clearly alters, it is more like an awareness of seeing or an openness to visual stimuli abruptly increases. Sometimes it feels like the eyes are suddenly flooded with vision, and in hindsight it seems as though eyesight was previously inferior by comparison. My theory is that it is an unknown adaptation to night-time vision, or a point of abrupt transition between a more neurologically-guarded mode for daytime vision, to a less defensive and more sensitive mode of nocturnal visual processing. I don’t think it is as simple as an opening of the pupils, because the openness of the pupils changes all the time, but this experience is quite rare.

Earwormmessages – Next time you have a piece of music that won’t stop going round and round in your mind, consider the lyrics or the title of the piece of music. Is it a wise reflection on things that are currently happening in your life, or is it just a very catchy tune, or both? I’d like to make it clear that this is not “hearing voices”. It is the involuntary experience of having a tune in one’s head which just happens to have lyrics that seem to be a commentary on the current events in one’s life.

Fancy That! There is a name for it, and there is also a page for it at the Wikipedia! And I’m not the only person who experiences it!

Wikipedia contributors Tetris effect. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tetris_effect&oldid=448999724

I would never have figured that the Tetris effect and earworms and sea legs are all the same type of phenomenon. I’ve experienced all three at one time or another. I wonder if everyone experiences these brain phenomena, or just a sub-set of the population?

If you experience the Tetris effect as the result of work activity, you should feel satisfied that you have earned your pay that day for sure.