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Another unusual type of synaesthesia triggered by body movement

I often experience a type of synaesthesia in which very specific fine-motor hand movements that are a part of household chores automatically evoke visions in my mind’s eye of very specific outdoor scenes of places that I have visited in the past. If you are only familiar with the popular notion of synaesthesia as mixed-up senses, with things like music evoking colours or sounds evoking flavours you might think this type of synaesthesia is very rare. I’m not so sure about that. I suspect that it might only be under-recognized and under-studied. Below are the details of a recent article from the magazine Psychology Today about a dancer who experiences different colours for different types of dances that she performs. The author of the piece is the synaesthete journalist Maureen Seaberg, who wrote the book Tasting the Universe, which is a book for a popular readership about synesthesia.

Seaberg, Maureen A Reel of Primary Colors. Psychology Today. March 8th 2012.  http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/tasting-the-universe/201203/reel-primary-colors