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Doppelgangers of the cloth

Every Easter there they are on the TV delivering their special Easter-time messages, and here I am looking at their faces, wondering by Archbishop Peter Jensen reminds me so much of a Perth-based actor I used to know and dislike for no particular reason about a quarter of a century ago, and I also wonder why I find both the actor and the Anglican so unsettling. There is more than a facial resemblance. When I see Cardinal George Pell’s face on the box on Good Friday I can think of nothing but a budgerigar in a cassock. I am probably destined for Hell.

Later as I’m enjoying a family evening watching The Addams Family 1960’s television series on DVD, I can’t help wondering if the hilarious Jackie Coogan and the grouchy American comedian Don Rickles might be related. Is it Uncle Fester’s face or his bald head or his down-market accent or his comedic acting that brings to mind the rude stand-up man, or all of the above? A face is usually much more than just a face, at least in my eyes.