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This week’s New Scientist has cover story about super-recognizers


Researcher in the UK hoping to recruit super-recognizers for research

“Anna is currently looking for ‘super-recognizers’ to participate in her research – please register your details with us if you think you are unusually good at face recognition and would like to participate in our investigations!”

This quote is taken from a staff page for this university research lab: http://prosopagnosiaresearch.org/about/lab-members

The Anna who is seeking help from super-recognizers who are in the UK is Anna Bobak, a PhD student from the Centre for Face Processing Disorders at Bournemouth University. Super-recognition is not a disorder, but research on superrecognition could help researchers and psychologists to understand prosopagnosia, which is regarded as a disorder or disability. Anna Bobak is hoping to do eye-movement research with super-recognizers. She has already done a study involving super-recognizers, and a sneak preview of of the study can be seen on pages 77-78 here: http://www.reading.ac.uk/web/FILES/pcls/COGDEV2013FINAL.pdf

Ms Bobak’s contact details can be found here: http://staffprofiles.bournemouth.ac.uk/display/abobak  She has email and is also on Twitter. Good luck everyone.