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Study still going

(edit April 2012 – as far as I know this study ended in January 2012)

It looks like the super-recognizer study held at the Science Museum in London is still going, but scheduled to wind up soon. I believe the researchers from the University of East London hope to find study participants who are superrecognizers, so if you are in that area and suspect that you might be one, you might want to make inquiries.


YouTube video – Dr. Jansari – What is a super recognizer?


Thanks for the tip

Through a tweet retweeted by Dr Ashok Jansari at his Twitter account I’ve discovered a most informative UK newspaper article about an elite team of super-recognizers in the Metropolitan Police, which operates around London I think. I’m from Perth in Australia, so “the Met” does not mean a lot to me. I’m off to bed now but I hope to have the opportunity some time soon to share my thoughts about this fascinating insight into super-recognizing as an important and sought-after skill in the world of paid work.

Links related to Face-recognition research team at Uni of East London, Dr Ashok Jansari and their study of super recognizers

There is quite a bit of info here about prosopagnosia and super-recognizers and the University of East London research team:

Face-recognition Research Team http://www.uel.ac.uk/psychology/research/face-recognition/

Their study in which they hope to find some super-recognizers:

Superrecognizers http://www.superrecognizers.com/

Their Facebook page:

Face Recognition Research at UEL http://www.facebook.com/Face.Recognition.Research.at.UEL

Info from the Science Museum about the superrecognizers study:

Who am I? Live Science – Familiar Faces http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/visitmuseum/events/demonstrations/Live_Science_faces.aspx

Dr Ashok Jansari at Twitter:

Ashok Jansari @ SuperRecognizer  http://twitter.com/superrecognizer

YouTube video with interview with Dr Jansari:

Dr Ashok Jansari on BBC The One Show talking about Prosopagnosia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5Hooty5YMo

YouTube channel of Dr Jansari?

Superrecognizers  http://www.youtube.com/user/Superrecognizers?feature=watch

This website appears to be under construction and associated with this research team:

Name That Face  http://namethatface.org/

YouTube video about prosopagnosia with an interview with Dr Ashok Jansari, and David who has acquired prosopagnosia

Dr Ashok Jansari is one of the researchers involved with the study of superrecognizers that is currently happening in London, and runs till early January 2012, and is seeking participants who believe that they might be super-recognizers. Dr Jansari studies both extremes of face memory ability. I love his suit.

In this video a British man with acquired prosopagnosia, David Bromley, is interviewed by the rather cute English science television host Dr Michael Mosley. David generously explains what it is like to be suddenly forced to manage in life without any face memory. To compensate David has become very attentive to details of a person’s appearance other than the face.


Super-recognizer study being conducted at the Science Museum in South Kensington, London, and you are invited!

(edit – as far as I know this experiment ended in January 2012. If you are interested in super-recognizers it might still be worth a look at the link given below.)

Cognitive neuroscience researchers from the University of East London including Dr Ashok Jansari are apparently inviting anyone who suspects that they might be a super-recognizer (and can get to London) to participate in a scientific study. I live in Australia, so unfortunately I can’t participate in this study myself and I can’t personally comment much about this study beyond what anyone can read at the website for the study, but it looks to me like this is a genuine thing and I’m very interested to know what these researchers might find as a result of their study.

I’m spitting chips because it looks as though they might be using the Before They Were Famous test in this study, and I’ve been trying since September last year to gain access to this study to find out for certain whether I fall into the category of super-recognizer. It’s a heck of a long distance from Western Australia to London. If it weren’t so far I’d be there in a flash!

If you suspect that you might have below-average ability in face recognition, or prosopagnosia, maybe this live, in-person study in London might be worth looking into, I’m not sure. A good alternative might be looking at the Faceblind.org website which is run by prosopagnosia researchers at Harvard University and Univesity College in London, and maybe trying a free online test of face memory, and contacting the people at Faceblind.org if you identify a problem.

Superrecognizers (study in London)  http://www.superrecognizers.com/

Faceblind.org   http://www.faceblind.org/index.html