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Know this face?

You think you’re good at recognizing faces? Then tell me please, what is the most famous acting role of the actor who plays the grandmother in the TV show episode linked to below? I’ll give you a hint – in her most famous role her facial features were modified and she wore some pretty noticeable makeup. And here’s another hint – her real name is a red-coloured first name with a surname that tastes of caramel ricecream (which you can’t buy in the shops any more).


Doppelgangers of the cloth

Every Easter there they are on the TV delivering their special Easter-time messages, and here I am looking at their faces, wondering by Archbishop Peter Jensen reminds me so much of a Perth-based actor I used to know and dislike for no particular reason about a quarter of a century ago, and I also wonder why I find both the actor and the Anglican so unsettling. There is more than a facial resemblance. When I see Cardinal George Pell’s face on the box on Good Friday I can think of nothing but a budgerigar in a cassock. I am probably destined for Hell.

Later as I’m enjoying a family evening watching The Addams Family 1960’s television series on DVD, I can’t help wondering if the hilarious Jackie Coogan and the grouchy American comedian Don Rickles might be related. Is it Uncle Fester’s face or his bald head or his down-market accent or his comedic acting that brings to mind the rude stand-up man, or all of the above? A face is usually much more than just a face, at least in my eyes.