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Name that location

I got no response at all to my question of the location of the Holy Rollers music clip. I’d say the old Subiaco Railway Station on the Freo line is likely, but at times the scene also reminded me of Claremont Station, across the way from the Claremont Pool and footy ground (Tigerland) and golf course, and down the road from the showgrounds. How much of it is still there I wonder?


Perth 80s indie band Holy Rollers perform Above the Law from 1985

How’s your memory for Perth locations from about a quarter of a century ago? Where do you think this video clip was filmed? Where can I buy a pair of those sunglasses?  http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/-Dg97sseKtk?version=3&hl=en_US

I think I’ve still got this single somewhere in the house. 45 RPM. This is just too good a piece of music and a clip with too much nostalgia value to be forgotten, don’t you think? Are you old enough to remember the Perth to Fremantle line powered by diesel engines, with orange-coloured passenger cars? I loved the gentle, deep drone of a diesel engine. So many memories…..

One of the guitars in this track makes a lovely warm sound that is about the same tint of brown as the lead singer’s hair colour. The scenery in the background of this clip is just the type of thing that I often involuntarily “see” in my mind’s eye while I’m doing manual chores around the house, in a form of synaesthesia in which fine-motor movements of the hands trigger visual memories of scenes, often scenes from the distant past, of places which I didn’t visit often or didn’t expect to visit again. There’s obviously a lot of connections in my brain between the part of parts of my brain that do fine motor movement, or maybe procedural memory, and the part or parts of my brain that store visual memories of scenes. It is especially interesting that I’ve got synaesthesia involving visual memories of scenes because the part of the brain that does scene recognition (the parahippocampal place area or PPA) “is often considered the complement of the fusiform face area (FFA)” according to the Wikipedia and some people who can’t recognize faces also can’t recognize scenes. As well as being a synaesthete I get perfect scores in face recognition tests, and am thus probably also a super-recognizer.