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Radio show on prosopagnosia from earlier this year

What’s in a face? Prosopagnosia. All in the Mind. ABC Radio National. January 21st 2018.



Super-recognizers on Australian public radio today


Genelle Weule So, you think you’re good at recognising faces. ABC Science. March 11 2018.


Super-recognisers. All in the Mind. ABC Radio National. 11 March 2018.


Famous doubles, celebrity doppelgangers, you know what I mean….

Late-night TV is the best TV, for many reasons: programs don’t have to rate well and don’t have to pander to the mindless masses, programs can have challenging or naughty content, such as satirical comedy or heart-rending documentaries, because of less restrictions from classifications, and news TV in the small hours picks up the best part of the news-creating day on the other side of the world where all the exciting stuff happens, and late-night news TV has shows from the BBC and other overseas news networks with serious content that operates on an entirely different level to the mediocrity of news in remote Perth or down-under Australia. One of these worthy foreign news programs that you only get to see at a ridiculous time of morning is the political interview show Conflict Zone. I do love watching Tim Sebastian glaring over his specs at major foreign public figures while relentlessly demanding that they answer his questions, in full. I have no idea why these politicians and assorted suits consent to these public inquisitions. Masochistic streak? It makes 7.30 on the ABC look like daytime chat.

My super-recognizer thing often “goes off” when I watch Mr Sebastian’s mature male face, with his dark eyes fixed on his prey and his head at a lowered angle that is reminiscent of a wolf’s aggressive stance. I know of no other journo or TV personality who has this “look”. It’s confronting.

I have absolutely no conscious intention to compare Mr Sebastian to any infamous historical figure, but I can’t help automatically seeing the visual facial resemblance and the emotional similarity in the situation between Mr Sebastian’s bracing interview style and scenes from a German movie featuring a mature male actor that are so over-the-top in interpersonal fury and entertaining that they have taken on a second life as internet meme fodder.

The value of CCTV questioned in Queensland

The value of CCTV in preventing crime has been questioned in Queensland following another tragic murder of a young person, which resonates with concerns about CCTV that I’ve aired at this blog in the past. CCTV might be a valuable tool in solving crimes, but everyone would much prefer that crimes be prevented or at least intercepted in a timely manner by police. The full video of this story will probably appear in a day or two at the 7.30 website.


Does her face look familiar? Adopted Australian woman still searching for birth parents after 39 years

“This is my face, and I hope to find a face that looks like mine one day…” 

Kim Menta says she has been looking for her birth mother for 39 years. ABC News. October 25 2012. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-10-25/adopted-woman-waits-39-years-for-apology/4333870

Victoria apologises for forced adoptions. ABC News. October 25 2012.  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-10-25/victorian-parliament-apologises-over-forced-adoptions/4333238

Hidden taste disorders in Australian children a public health crisis?

In this blog I have written about a number of different disorders of perception that can go undiagnosed, and here is another one. Taste disorders are the inability to properly identify one or more of the tastes sweet, salty, bitter, umami (savoury) or sour. I know that more complex tastes are percieved by the sense of smell, so loss of the ability to percieve those would presumably not be a taste disorder, but a smell disorder of which there are a number of different types. According to the interesting ABC News article cited below taste disorders can be caused by a number of different medical conditions including  Bell’s palsy, renal failure, diabetes and middle ear infections. It is suggested that taste disorders can cause obesity, so I imagine that a nasty feedback loop could develop, with obesity causing diabetes, the diabetes causing a taste disorder, and the taste disorder making the obesity worse which makes the diabetes worse etc etc. Serious stuff! It appears that taste and smell disorders can both be symptoms of diseases, so if you find that your perception of the world of smells or tastes has altered, it might be a good idea to see your doctor about it.

Michael Edwards Taste disorders linked to childhood obesity. ABC News. Updated April 18, 2011. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2011/04/18/3194146.htm

National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders Taste Disorders http://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/smelltaste/taste.html