Psychedelic experiences are associated with hyper-connectedness in the brain – who would have thought?

An fMRI study of people taking magic mushrooms or psilocybin has apparently found that the drug makes the brain behave in a way that is more connected than usual (temporarily? permanently?), along with the sensory fun and games that are  well-known to science and drug enthusiasts. This state is in important and interesting ways like synaesthesia, but it is not the same, and I would like to make it very clear that synaesthetes like myself are not synaesthetes because of past or current use of illegal drugs, and in contrast with users of psilocybin, our colour perception is as far as I know, superior, not impaired.The vast majority of synaesthetes are developmental synaesthetes, which means it develops in childhood and is known to be the result of genetics, possibly in combination with other influences in the child’s intellectual life.

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