The more important posts in this blog – May 2014

Listed below are what I believe are the most notable posts at this blog, including the very first post at this blog from 2010, which is my description of an interesting phenomenon experienced by myself. This phenomenon, which was clearly related to face recognition and synaesthesia, sparked my curiosity and inspired this blog as a search for a convincing and full scientific explanation. I am so glad that I let curiosity get the best of me, and that I took the time to put my thoughts into words and share them with the world, because this has been a journey of discovery and intellectual adventure.

Like most things on the internet, this blog appears to be pretty-much archived by the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine), so feel free to use it to check and verify the content of these posts at various times in the past.

There have been a number of very interesting comments from readers at this blog, some noting their own experiences of types of synaesthesia previously undescribed by science which are similar to my experiences, and even one other apparent super-recognizer synaesthete. I have also been fortunate to receive some comments from people who are notable within the world of human facial recognition research. I have given posts that have attracted interesting comments the tag “Comments”, so if you click on the tag in this post, that will show you posts that have comments.

The more important posts:

A Most Peculiar Experience (my description of The Strange Phenomenon)

Is synaesthesia caused by low levels of complement? Is Benson’s syndrome (PCA) caused by too much complement C3? Could synesthesia and posterior cortical atrophy be considered in some way opposites?

Some ideas that I’d like to (explicitly) lay claim to (right now) in 2014

Have my ideas been plagiarized in a paper published in a neuroscience journal? I believe they have.

Super-recognizer jobs? (This is the most popular post at this blog)

Other cases of synaesthesia involving face perception – I’m certainly not the only one

Involuntary Method of Loci Memorization (IMLM) – what the heck is that?

The Opposite of Benson’s Syndrome?

Report on my fine motor task -> visual place memory synaesthesia

My Brain Put to the Test

Science Week 2011 – The world of science and me in the past year

Reflections on The Strange Phenomenon, how I gunned the CFMT, letter personification in advertising and clue to a possible cure for some cases of prosopagnosia after reading an old journal paper

A brief report on my synaesthesia experiences that involve concepts as triggers or evoked experiences

A type of synaesthesia which I experience in which non-food words or names automatically evoke the concepts of particular foods: is lexical-gustatory synaesthesia an evolutionary adaptation?


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