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I’m spending time making explicit the publication of my own ideas and observations on scientific matters such as synaesthesia, face perception, face recognition, visual memory, dementia, the immune system, movement-evoked synaesthesia and embodied cognition in response to discovering that ideas of mine, from this blog and also dating back years before the establishment of this blog, have been plagiarized or under-acknowledged by some “real scientists” who have jobs or affiliations with universities. I might not be a “real scientist”, just a citizen scientist/housewife, but I still have the right to be acknowledged for my ideas. This blog is archived by a third party, and thus I can show what and when I published ideas and observations.

I’d also like to point out that my number 1 red-hot idea about face perception and synaesthesia, linking my ideas with those of the long-forgotten work of a dead famous person, has never been mentioned or explained at this blog or in published writing anywhere by me. My only writing on that topic is on a chit of paper filed away with scores of other bits and pieces. I’d rather never share that idea with my readers or researchers or science in general than see it purloined by some a-hole.

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