Warning to readers

If you are thinking about copying or plagiarizing any of the text, ideas or descriptions found at this blog and presenting it as your own work without giving me (C. Wright, author of the blog “Am I a Super-recognizer?”) the proper acknowledgement and citations, then think again. If you do that you will be found out and my objection will be well publicized. If you want to make reference to this blog or any of the ideas in it, please make sure that you state in your work exactly where you first read about the ideas. If you wish to quote any text from this blog be sure to cite the post at this blog properly. There are many established citation methods. If you quote or make reference to material in this blog in your work, it would be a common courtesy to let me know about your work (I’m interested!) in a comment on any of the posts in this blog.

I started this blog with the primary intention of bringing interesting and fresh observations and ideas to the worlds of psychology, neuroscience and science in general. I want the stuff that I write about here to be discussed and noticed and cited by researchers. I enjoy noticing what appears to be my influence on the output of researchers. But I object to having my stuff plundered without acknowledgement of me and my blog. In a recent case of what I believe is plagiarism of some of my ideas, I believe the proper situation would have been for me to have been included as a third author of that paper, so fundamental was one of the allegedly plagiarized ideas to the main theme of that paper. You couldn’t expect anyone to be happy or satisfied about such a situation. You have been warned.

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