Music with and without a sense of direction

Not often but sometimes I hear a piece of music that stikes my ear as being odd in some way that give rise to the synaesthetic perception that the music is not (as normal) proceeding in a straight pathway forward or from the left of my visual field to my right, but is going backwards for a moment or even going around in a circle. Many popular rock and pop songs strike me as having a very fast and definite forward direction, in the style of a speeding vehicle hurtling along a country road. I’ve found that different versions of Prokofiev’s March number 99 give the effect in my mind of speeding down the highway or taking a slower and winding path.

This slow and interesting version of Prokofiev’s piece at 9.40 minutes into the YouTube clip by Orchestre National de l’Opera de Monte Carlo, Conductor: Louis Fremaux sounds to my synaesthete ear to be at times getting a bit confused and chasing it’s tail:

but this fast version of the march speeds along, and I think the speed of this version has crushed the eccentricity of the music and straightened out the direction that it takes:

Slow down Mr Conductor! It’s a concert hall, not a race-track!

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