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Is there any connection between transgender-ism and personification processes in cognition or in personification synaesthesia? I’ve no reason to believe that trannies are any more likely to be synaesthetes or vice versa, but I can’t help wondering whether being transgender could be an odd or questionable type of (gender) personification of the self, while ordinal-linguistic personification is an odd type of personification applied to the concepts of numbers and letters (and other things in some cases). Is self-image and self-concept different to the personification of other people with characteristics such as gender and age and personality? Is self-image and self-concept different to the odd personification a different kind of thinking to that found in ordinal-linguistic personification synaesthesia? Why do some/many people experience odd types of personification? Note that OLP involves the personification of characteristics beyond gender. It can also involve ages, appearance, personalities and personal relationships. So I wonder whether there are people who feel that they have personal characteristics other than gender that don’t appear to match their physical being? Are there people who feel that they are the wrong age or the wrong weight or a mismatch in some other way?

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