That sounds like a good idea

This is a quote about Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville of London’s Metropolitan Police, from the article about super-recognizers by Caroline Williams published in New Scientist magazine last year:

“He also wants there to be a formal qualification that super-recognisers can be awarded so that their evidence is taken more seriously in court…”

An internationally-recognized formal certification of super-recognizers based on testing with the Cambridge Face Memory Test (CFMT) and any other relevant and scientifically validated test of face memory would not only be useful for policing and law enforcement, it would also be useful for non-police super-recognizers who would like to have their special ability recognized in the workplace or in any area of life. I don’t see why this should be such an impossible thing to organize. Unfortunately, it appears that the goal of having this useful skill tested has become less, not more available, as it appears that the CFMT is no longer freely available for people to attempt as subjects in academic research. Potential super-recognizers or suspected prosopagnosics shouldn’t have to volunteer as subjects in research studies to be able to access face memory testing and their own test results. One could question how representative such populations of study subjects are of the general population. People who suspect that their face memory ability is beyond the norm also shouldn’t have to shop around to try to find some expensive private psychologist who has ever heard of face recognition testing and is able to grant access to relevant tests. It’s time that psychology researchers realized that their relationship with research subjects and the general public isn’t just a one-way street. Anyone should be able to access a piece of paper certifying their level of face memory ability, without cost or hassle. It’s not a big thing to ask.

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