I wish I knew Spanish

This is a Google translation of the publicity blurb of a new Spanish book about synaesthesia:
“What if the words have color? Normally, we see the colors, smell the smells, hear the sounds, taste the flavors and feel sorry only the things we touch. But this is not always true, newborns experience the sensations coming from the different senses mixed together, as happens to people and adults who experience the phenomenon of synaesthetic perception. When a person perceives synesthetic sensory stimuli, such as listening to a musical note, the note is heard not only more or less acute but also have taste or color. You may know fresh watermelon, or you can see green lemon. Others are synesthetic each letter of a particular color but are written in black, or perceive each number, or days of the week, or month of the year, arranged in front of them at a particular location in space. Why are experiencing these feelings? Can it be avoided? Do they affect other facets of life? Are we all a little synesthetes? Scientific research is uncovering the secrets of synesthesia to answer these questions, and also lead to a radical rethinking of how our senses are organized and how the brain allows us to interpret the complex world we live and unfold it.”

It sounds interesting. Pity I don’t know the language.

Sinestesia: El color de las palabras, el sabor de la música, el lugar del tiempo…

Alicia Callejas (Autor/a), Juan Lupiáñez (Autor/a)
Colección: Alianza Ensayo



Sinetisia – Facultad de Psicología – Universidad de Granada http://ncog.ath.cx/~danics/index.html

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