Another super-recognizer blog – how did I overlook this?

I’m wondering why I haven’t come across this blog before. It could be something to do with completely non-standard terminology for superior face recognition. I’ve seen it spelt “superrecognizer”, “super recogniser”, “super-recognizer” and one recent journal paper uses the term “super-recognition”. Information retrieval chaos.

This blog is an interesting find, even if it included a modest couple of posts over a couple of years. Dave C believes that both his mother and himself are super-recognizers, and maybe even his father. So is super-recognition a developmental brain variation that runs in families, like synaesthesia and prosopagnosia? There are good reasons to suspect that this might be so. I definitely do have other synaesthetes in my immediate family, but I don’t know if there are any super-recognizers. There will always be a big question mark over one family member who is long-deceased. Two other aspects of the blog “Super Recogniser” are notable. I find the style of writing interesting and it reminds me a bit of my own written output. The style of his blog also has some similarities with mine, even though by all appearances it was started many months before I had even known of the concept of super-recognition. Dave C’s blog was established in May 2010, mine in December 2010. It appears that his originates from the UK. I’m living in Australia.

Super Recogniser

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