Another interesting article about embodied cognition in New Scientist magazine

Your clever body: Thinking from head to toe
21 October 2011 by David Robson
New Scientist
Magazine issue 2834
hardcopy date October 15th 2011 pages 34-38.

This is a most interesting addition to the New Scientist article about embodied cognition from March 2010 by another author that I wrote about previously in this blog. I explained in that blog article why I feel that synaesthesia and embodied cognition are two subjects that are closely related. This more recent article by David Robson perhaps has more of an emphasis on the relationship between a sense of self and embodied cognition, and it includes a diagram showing that parts of the brain involved in creating a sense of self are also involved with the processingof sensory information and sensory information related to the body.

Running against Descartes’s philosophy, this school of thought maintains that many, if not all, aspects of our mental lives are inextricably linked to the experiences of our flesh and blood.”

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