The Cambridge Face Memory Test appears to have nothing to do with that English university, Simon Baron-Cohen or autism

Some people seem to be mistakenly assuming that the CFMT is  a thing that came from the University of Cambridge in the UK. This is not an unreasonable assumption, but I’m pretty sure it is wrong. One of the originators of this test is Ken Nakayama, who at the time worked at the Vision Science Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, which is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States. The other academic who created this test was Brad Duchaine, who was working at the University College in London, not Cambridge Uni.

As far as I can tell this test is in no way connected to the University of Cambridge in the UK, or to the famous autism expert Professor Simon Baron-Cohen who works at that university, and who has written a lot about face processing in relation to autism. I do wonder about the choice of a name for the CFMT.

Duchaine, Brad & Nakayama, Ken
The Cambridge Face Memory Test: Results for neurologically intact
individuals and an investigation of its validity using inverted
face stimuli and prosopagnosic participants.
Neuropsychologia 44 (2006) 576–585.

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