Face recognition apparently a big deal in Perth

“Western Australia’s Police Minister Rob Johnson will propose a law to the Western Australia Cabinet that makes it an offense to not remove headgear, including motorcycle helmets as well as burqas, when asked to do so by police.”

So, apparently in Western Australia the ability of police to identify people by face is considered a very important thing. So, could I ask, are WA police scientifically screened for prosopagnosia before they enter police training? I have doubts that they are. It would be an absurd situation for a police officer with poor face recognition ability to ask anyone to remove a burqa or a motorbike helmet for the purpose of identification. Indeed, such a police officer shouldn’t be expected to identify people by face in court proceedings. I think the days are over when we can all assume in workplace situations that everyone has good or average face recognition abilities, and design procedures and systems based on that assumption. That assumption should be considered wrong untill scientifically demonstrated otherwise.

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/Special/2011/07/06/Australia-moves-on-head-covering-laws/UPI-45841309947360/#ixzz1RZejKEaq


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