More most interesting comments

(this post edited a number of times June 17th 2011)

I have recently received another most interesting comment at this blog, this one a comment on the previous post “Synaesthesia linking concepts with scenes”, and I have replied with my own comment that is as long a blog post. We had quite a discussion about our similar, but not identical, brain-based experiences. You might find this interesting. Many thanks to the people who have shared accounts of their experiences!

This means I now know of four people living in four different countries, including myself here in Australia, who experience or apparently experience visual scenes triggered by thinking of particular concepts. One thing that I and some others want to know is how common this experience is. I suspect that we are a not-insubstantial minority, but I know of no published information about or published descriptions of this phenomenon. If anyone can let me know about any such already-published information about this type of experience, I’d be very appreciative. I believe it is a type of synaesthesia.

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