Anwar Ibrahim and that tape – not him in my opinion

I’ve just had a look at excerpts of the sex tape that has been claimed to show the unfortunate Malaysian politician Anwar Ibrahim in an inappropriate situation. I do not believe it is Mr Ibrahim in that tape. I do not base my opinion on a lack of facial resemblance, because the bits of the tape that I saw, repeated a few times over, on an Australian news TV show were poor images that did not show the face well. I base my opinion that the man in the tape is not Ibrahim on the appearance of the man’s body, which seems considerably more fat than Ibrahim. The man in the tape has gynecomastia, an embarassing condition commonly known as “man boobs”, which I doubt Ibrahim has. It would be the easiest thing in the world to check this, if Ibrahim wanted to subject himself to such scrutiny. I also believe that the shape of the man in the tape’s head is a different shape than Ibrahim’s, appearing flatter at the top of the rear of the head than the politician’s head. What a horrible thing these allegations are.

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