The more important posts in this blog

In this blog I have described a number of types of synaesthesia that I experience which I believe possibly have not already been described by scientists, researchers or other synaesthetes and the description published or broadcast in an open medium. Perhaps my experiences are very common. Perhaps they are very rare. I don’t know. You tell me. Many synaesthetes are surprised to find that their synaesthesia experiences are not shared by all other people when they first find out that their coloured letters or flavoured words are a scientific phenomenon that has a fancy name.

Report on my fine motor task -> visual place memory synaesthesia

A Most Peculiar Experience (my description of The Strange Phenomenon)

Involuntary Method of Loci Memorization (IMLM) – what the heck is that?

The Opposite of Benson’s Syndrome?

My Brain Put to the Test

A brief report on my synaesthesia experiences that involve concepts as triggers or evoked experiences

Super-recognizer test? Forget it mate!

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