Moving backward to re-read a science magazine article

I remembered that quite a while ago I read an article in New Scientist magazine which I thought at the time seemed to be describing stuff that could possibly be related to my synaesthesia-related experiences that involve a sense of place or a sense of space. I was also particularly impressed by that article because it was well written and the subject matter, embodied cognition, is simply fascinating regardless of any personal relevance. I’ve once again located a copy of that article, and when I find a spare moment I plan to check if it relates to the journal paper that I mentioned in my last post, and I will also check if it relates to any of the types of synaesthesia that I’ve documented in this blog.

Ananthaswamy, Anil Let your body do the thinking. New Scientist. Number 2753 March 27th 2010 p.8-9.

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