A brief report on my synaesthesia experiences that involve concepts as triggers or evoked experiences

This report is based on a collection of observations that I have been collecting on chits of paper over a number of years. Some of these experiences have already been mentioned in my report on my fine motor task -> visual place memory synaesthesia that can be found at this blog. There is an obvious inter-connection between some of my conceptual synaesthesia experiences and some of my fine-motor task synaesthesia experiences. Most of my conceptual synaesthesia experiences involve experiencing scenes of places that I have visited in my past, seen in my mind’s eye. These scenes are often as seen many years ago – the scenes are not updated from recent viewings. Obviously there is a lot of cross-play between the part of my brain that thinks about concepts and the part of my brain that thinks about scenes. It is as though the scenes are illustrations of the concepts in the way I think. Often there is a semantic relationship between the place seen in the scene and the concept. Sometimes the scene is of a place that I visited or frequented during the period of time when I was introduced to the concept or was thinking intensively about that concept. This is why I believe some of these associations are the result of involuntary method of loci memorization (IMLM) that I have described in another post at this blog. For some associations no explanation for the link is known to me.

Types of Synaesthesia Involving Concepts

Concepts -> Scenes of Places

Total Number of Observations  – 19


The idea of adoption -> the front porch and adjacent lounge room of a home of friends of the family who babysat me a few times when I was little, which I thoroughly enjoyed

The idea of “hot pants” as were fashionable in the 1960s-1970s -> the north-west entrance to the open mall-style shopping centre that my family used to shop at when I was a young girl, before a Myer store was built on that site in the 1970s. (Yes, I am old enough to remember when hot pants were fashionable)

The idea of doing one’s own tax return -> a scene of a shopping centre in Myaree as seen in the 1990s, that we shopped at when we lived SOR during that period. I think there was a tax accountant business next to it, with its sign visible.

The idea of Woody Allen -> the intersection between a fish and chips shop, Cottesloe Beach car-park and Cottesloe Hotel, in Marine Parade.

[Once many years ago at this spot a very drunk stranger made a blunt and to-the-point proposition to myself and I thought “You’ve got Buckley’s mate”. Maybe Allen’s movie persona as a bloke who has zero chance of success with women is the reason why my mind has linked the concept of him with this exact spot.]

The concept of the area of the body including the collarbone and shoulders -> an area near the footy clubrooms at a park in the suburb where the primary school that I attended was located

Scenes of Places -> Concepts

Total Number of Observations – 3


The sign for Wollaston Retreat as seen from a vehicle travelling along Rochdale Road Mt Claremont -> the concept of a retreat as a place to get away from life’s distractions and stresses and concentrate on things that are worthy etc.

Two-way Associations Between Scenes and Concepts

Total Number of Observations – 2


The corner of Hainsworth Avenue and Beach Road Girrawheen <-> the concept of a bad “state housing” area that one could conceivably find one’s self living in if one’s life went to shit

Fine Motor Task -> Scene -> Semantically-related Concept (Domino Effect Synaesthesia)

Total Number of Observations – 3


Lifting and straining pasta out of hot water in saucepan with a slotted spoon -> east end of Perth Entertainment Centre as it was when it was operating (1980s?) -> The concept of the pop star Madonna during her pointy bra period and the concept of her fans at the time being unpleasantly obsessive, and what exactly is wrong with being obsessive anyway?

Sound of a Place Name –> Concept

Total Number of Observations – 1


The sound of the name of the remote WA town Eucla -> the concept of a bicycle

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