The Pushbike Song – unforgettable and unfortunately also quite unbearable

I have that many different types of synaesthesia that I’m not sure if I could give a definite count of all the types. I “see” colours and personalities in the letters of the alphabet. Some words never fail to make me think of a food, even though they aren’t words for foods. I sometimes “hear” sounds in response to watching motion and I’ve “seen” a coloured taste. All really good music has a colourful accompaniment, and a sense of direction and motion is an integral part of any worthwhile musical work. None of these experiences feel out of the ordinary for me, but I’ve got to admit that plain silly situations are a part of being a synaesthete, no more silly situation than involuntarily thinking about the concept of “The Pushbike Song” as sung in the 1970s by The Mixtures when I scrape out the last bits of peanut paste from the jar with a butter knife. Like many of the incongruous experiences triggered by synaesthesia, this is like something that has been recovered from a time-capsule. Shouldn’t such a cheesy tune be neurologically linked with a cheese-related activity?

The Pushbike Song by The Mixtures, a YouTube video clip featuring scenes from around Melbourne in the 1970s

Report on my fine motor task -> visual place memory synaesthesia

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