Another one?

FFS. I was just watching an episode of the British TV series “Museum of Life” on ABC1, while eating a late dinner and talking with family etc, not watching the show closely at all even though it did look most interesting, and I noticed on one of the smart people in the show, for a moment or two, a particular subtle, tight-lipped expression on their mouth. It is hard to describe and to hard to interpret, but it looks like it could be a sign of an emotion like “You are now trying my patience” or more likely “I’m getting determined now”. John and Jean came to mind, and I looked at the rest of the face of this person on the science TV series, and there are many ways in which this person looks similar to John and Jean: shape of face, shape of jaw, features, eyes, colouring, etc, except for the wrinkles. There was no “strange phenomenon”, and they aren’t identical by any means, but I’m still left wondering if I’m looking at a “type”.

I’m also wondering if it might have been something like a micro-expression on Jean’s face that made me unconsciously take notice of her, all those years ago. I’d think twice about challenging the owner of a mouth like the one I just saw.

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